Attractions in Cheyenne County

"The Land Of Open Spaces and Friendly Faces"

St. Francis and Bird City

Arikaree Breaks

The breaks are located on the extreme northern edge of Cheyenne County. This area of extremely rough terrain, with its deep ravines and gullies is a marked contrast to the plains generally associated with the area. The breaks are 36 miles long and approximately two to three miles wide. They extend into Rawlins county and several miles into Colorado. There are few trees in the rough terrain. However, the pasture land has many yucca or soap weed which are beautiful in the spring when they bloom. There are several public roads through the breaks, giving visitors some outstanding viewing sites of this rugged wonder. A driving tour of the area is available.
Arikaree Breaks

Cherry Creek Encampment

Located two miles west and north of St. Francis, this site features a memorial to the Cheyenne Indian survivors of the Sand Creek Massacre on November 29, 1864. Created by a local historian and metal sculptor, Tobe Zweygardt, a teepee is guarded by an Indian brave astride his horse atop a nearby bluff. A brochure is available locally.

Cheyenne County Museum

The museum features a diorama complete with prehistoric fossils uncovered locally that shows life as it progressed over the millenia on the High Plains. The museum has an outstanding collection of furniture and period exhibits of frontier life, all of which come from county residents.

Round Hole Campsite

A camp for military men, under the leadership of General Custer, Colonel Bankhead, and Lt. Colonel Bradley, and native Americans, Round Hole Campsite is marked 11 miles north of Bird City, memorializing this "oasis on the plains."

View of camp site near St. Francis, KS

St. Francis River Walk

The River Walk was developed in 1994 and is located on private land along the Republican River. The walk is approximately one-mile long on a well maintained mowed path. Native Cottonwood, Hackberry, Green Ash and Red Cedar trees line the path giving the walker a shaded path. The River Walk is open to the public year round, and whether marveling at the renewal of life in the spring, escaping the summer, heat, taking in the breathtaking fall colors or enjoying the cold, white beauty of winter, the River walk provides a place to enjoy nature. A local brochure is available.

Ye Old Country Church

This country church was moved to its current site beside the Cheyene County Museum in 1988. The church served two early county congregations, first the German Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel Church from 1914 to 1946 and then the South Ford Friends congregation from 1951 until 1986. Refurbished wih the original pump organ and altar, the church is used by many in the community for weddings, funerals, and receptions. A local brochure is available.