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The Cheyenne County Museum was born from a vision of local citizenswho wanted to see that the history of Cheyenne County was preserved forfuture generations. The ground breaking of the museum was September 21,1985, with the dedication of the completed building on June 15, 1987. Thefront of the building has been finished with native Cheyenne County rockgiving it a unique look. At the entrance to the museum, old bricks fromthe St. Francis Brick Factory (1888) have been laid. Inside the museumis a rich collection of county history. All displays and furnishings inthe museum come from homes or businesses in Cheyenne County.


1:00 - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday Or By Appointment
Call Marge at 332-2392 or Tobe at 332-2809 for Appointments

Museum Highlights

The Ye Olde Country Church, located next to the museum is maintainedby the historical society as an All-Faith Chapel, commemorating the richreligious heritage left by the large number of rural Sunday Schools andchurches throughout the county’s history. A diorama, complete with prehistoricfossils, that were uncovered locally, show life as it progressed over themillennia on the high plains. The museum offers genealogy research. Countyfamily and land ownership records are available at the museum. A taxidermyexhibit of native Cheyenne County animals is on display. The Harvey additionof the museum features many room displays depicting the early pioneer’slife in Cheyenne County. Included in the display are: Doctor’s Office,County School Room. Wheeler Post Office, dining room, bedroom, kitchenand soda fountain.