"Tumbleweed's Page"
Dedicated to Cowboy Poetry and Music



Reflections of Old West Days
The roar of the crowd, the final bow,
And the curtain falls in place.
Tis the end of another poetry show,
Another Gathering, just took place.
They came together, from far and wide,
Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Dakota;
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas,
Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota.
Their hands, they shake, their voices, quake;
And tears run down the cheek,
Of some of those who walk on stage,
The tall, the short, the strong , the meek
Twas a great reunion for some, Im sure,
And for others no big deal.
But something about that bright lit stage;
Puts flutter in the heart, almost like sex appeal.
We say goodbye, give a farewell wave,
And go our separate ways.
We vow again to meet next year,
At Valentines Old West Days.
Copyright 2003 by Phil Crawford plcraw@sbcglobal.net
"The Happy Wanderer", "Tumbleweed" to be more exact.


"Working Cowboy"