Cheyenne Indian Circle Talk & Gathering
The ceremony involving Cheyenne Chiefs and Elders will be held in the area of the River Walk north of St Francis.
The area was a hunting ground for the Dog Soldiers, a band of Cheyenne Indians.
The celebration will include a Barbeque, at 3:00 P.M., on Saturday May 15, 1999; and talks from the Chiefs and Elders as the tell how this area was and their lives before the white man came.
Some will be comming on the 13th and will tour the area and are planning a talk for the Grade School.
This is attracting attention across the nation and several Professors and Historians are Planning to come for the event.
On the Photos page is a picture of Vernon Bullcoming, A noted Northern Cheyenne Artist of Lame Deer Montana, who is also planning to attend.
This link is to a brief history of the Encampment on Cherry Creek.